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Sometimes when I prepare a blog post, I find that I’ve earmarked too many photos to use — I recognize that not everyone wants to scroll endlessly through every image from a session or a wedding. Today, however, I am completely without restraint. Completely. I typically deliver between 700 and 1000 images to my wedding clients, and I had a hard time not including every single one of them in this blog. Go get yourself a hot or cold beverage of choice, kick off your shoes, and settle in, because you’re not going to want to miss a single minute of Kelly and Dana’s simply gorgeous White Cliffs wedding.

As I mentioned in the post about their engagement shoot, I knew the moment I met Kelly that I wanted to work with her and Dana — they are salt-of-the-earth kind of people and I never fail to have fun when I’m with them. That feeling now extends to their friends and family, who all welcomed me (and my super awesome second-shooter Randy) with such graciousness and hospitality on the day of the wedding. Kelly’s bridesmaids are the BEST and I basically just made myself an honorary member of the squad while I was there. The looks on their faces when they first saw Kelly in her dress were so genuine, which is not surprising since Kelly might be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen (I know I saw that about all of my brides, but seriously. CHECK. HER. OUT.) Randy got to hang out with the guys (including Kelly’s brother Matt who was technically the Maid of Honor, which is the best thing EVER) and when we all met up at the church, everyone was already in wedding heaven.

It was a beautiful ceremony and we made a quick stop right afterwards to the fire station where Dana works — a giant thank you to the Marshfield Fire Department for indulging us with an epic location for bridal party photos! Then we were off to White Cliffs where we rode the tram down to the beach and took advantage of the beautiful setting. The reception was hopping from the moment it started, and I think I may have shed more than one tear during the speeches. Kelly and Dana are clearly surrounded by love and joy in all that they do, and it was such an honor to see how much everyone around them loves them. I am so happy to call them my friends, and I hope you can see how fantastic they are in the following photos. Enjoy!

(and seriously, check out Kelly’s shoes. AMAZEBALLS.)

Venue: White Cliffs Country Club | Makeup: Walsh Pierce Styling | Hair: Nikki at First Impressions Salon | Floral: Flowers by Mary Ellen | Transportation: A Formal Affair | Entertainment: Sweet Tooth and the Sugar Babies | Cake: Veronica’s Sweet Cakes | Bridal Gown: Blush by Haley Paige | Shoes: Valentino | Bridesmaid’s Attire: BHLDN | Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank |




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One of the first things Laura wrote to me was that she was not a “typical” bride. Now, I’ve worked with lots and lots of brides and I wouldn’t say that any of them are really typical, but Laura is certainly chill and stress-free and I’m actually lucky I got this gig as they are getting married in July and only recently started to plan! Secretly, I kind of love that. So much less time to stress. We all hit if off immediately and now I just want to hang out with them all the time.

Justin and Laura met on the Cape, so it seemed like the perfect spot to photograph their engagement session. We started with Champagne in the driveway of Laura’s family home, then headed down to Mashnee Island to stroll along the beach, then back to the house for an incredible sunset. During all of that time, I never really had to give much in the way of direction — they both just laugh and love and live within each other and it is such a joy to see that come out through the lens. Justin is a riot. Laura is a riot. My abs hurt from laughing.

Enjoy 🙂


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I am so happy to be blogging this engagement shoot, especially since I’m doing it here on this brand new website! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and feedback since the launch!

I could not have asked for a nicer couple to start this new chapter with than Kelly and Mike. Kelly is another of my Talbots girls and this past weekend I got together with this awesome pair at the Bradley Estate in Canton for their engagement session. I had never been there before, but I can’t wait to go back! Such beautiful grounds, particularly with the spring blossoms, which were in abundance. At one point we were in a field and a woman passed by us and said “where are the llamas?” Turns out we were in their enclosure. Oops! And the light! It was cloudy when we met up, but halfway through the shoot the sun came through the clouds and washed everything in gold. I may have freaked them out a little with my happy dance at how amazing they looked, but you can see for yourselves that it was a totally magical evening. Mike is a corrections officer, but inside he’s a big softie and his eyes just light up when he looks at Kelly. **Melt** She is crazy photogenic with these stunning golden eyes and I adore photographing her.

We laughed and climbed over fences and rocks and just generally had a good old time. Stay tuned for wedding photos later this year! Kelly and Mike, I am so happy to be working with you and I can’t wait to see you again soon!


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All over town today, cheers are going up from harried parents as we usher our kids out the door for their first day of school, and a return to some kind of normal routine for us. This really seemed like the shortest summer ever; as I was dropping Calder off this morning, he commented that he felt like it was only last week that he finished the school year. He’s right — summer is fleeting. I’m happy to report, however, that in the three hours that he’s been gone, not one single person has asked me what there is to eat, if they can buy an app, where their beach towel is, or would I please kill the spider in their shower.

Peaceful ;).

So peaceful, in fact, that I was able to get Rachel and Zach’s blog post ready so you all can see what a super day we had for their wedding. I love these two, particularly because they are always laughing — never a dull moment. We did their engagement shoot a few months ago and they were both thinking that they might be a little nervous in front of the camera, but basically all I have to do is make either of them (particularly Rachel) laugh, and we’re off!

Their wedding day, like so many this summer, had threats of rain, so we spent some of the morning checking our various devices to see if we were going to need to come up with a Plan B, but no rain ever arrived. As a matter of fact, that wonderful cloud cover acted as a giant softbox for Rachel and Zach’s First Look up at Fort Revere, which is about a two minute walk from Rachel’s mom’s house, which is where the girls got ready. Their First Look was so lovely, and Zach delivered for the photographers by tearing up when he saw his beautiful bride. Rachel is one of five kids, all of whom were in the wedding party, so family formals were a snap and we had some time to take the couple down to a nearby beach for more photos. While we were there, a woman came running out of her house, yelling to us that she had been “working on her garden all summer and now I finally have a reason to show it off!” She invited us up into her yard which has a wonderful view of Boston Light, and we were able to get some great photos amongst her flowers. On the way back to the car, we spied a giant willow tree and invited ourselves into that yard for more photos. It was definitely a neighborhood effort! A big thanks to Jen for coming along and shooting with me. We had ourselves a good laugh about the unexpected locations.

After a sweet ceremony at St. Paul’s in Hingham, it was back to the Nantucket Beach Resort for celebration with family and friends. Rachel and Zach were such good sports for me, letting me drag them up on the roof and out on the beach when the sun finally made an appearance (about seven minutes before it made a disappearance. I made them RUN.) Everyone was wonderful and had a great time, and I think the photos show just how happy this day was.

Rachel and Zach, I am so glad that I know you and that I was allowed to be a part of this awesome day. I wish you all the happiness in the world! xox Lisa

Hair // Liz Blais for Kris Pavao
Floral // Myriah Manley for Whole Foods
Venue // Nantasket Beach Resort
Cake // Veronica’s Sweetcakes
DJ // Good Times Unlimited



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Every single day “they” say it’s going to rain, and every single day, it’s muggy as all get out and the sun is shining. Don’t “they” know it’s wedding season? Alissa and Derek come from Southern California where when the sun is shining, it stays shining, and an outdoor wedding is no cause for stress or Plan B or umbrellas.

They got married, however, in Massachusetts. Nothing is certain here except mosquitoes and photographers who stare warily at the sky and obsessively check the radar on their phones.

Fortunately, Alissa is one of those brides for whom rain is no big thing and who would have happily stood underneath a deluge so long as she could do it with Derek. I am totally crushed out on these two and will likely be stalking them from time to time just because I love photographing them so much. Their Seaport Engagement Shoot was so much fun, and I had been looking forward to their wedding for such a long time. Despite the schizophrenic skies, the day did not disappoint one bit.

Both the bride and groom got ready at the Cohasset Harbor Resort which has gone through a gorgeous renovation in the last few years and is now one of the prettiest places in town. The girls had a fantastic view of the harbor while they got ready, and my girl Jess came along to help get some shots of the boys while they hung out down the hallway. Alissa and Derek wanted to do a First Look (yay!), so we brought them outside to the dock which runs alongside the hotel, and they spent a few precious moments in privacy, seeing each other for the first time that day. (I use the word “privacy” loosely, as at least 10 cars drove by and honked their congratulations!). The rest of the wedding party joined shortly afterwards and since the skies were on our side, we were able to get all of the family photos done without resorting to my giant cache of umbrellas.

We did need to dodge a few sprinkles during bride and groom portraits at Sandy Cove, but Alissa and Derek were too busy being gorgeous and awesome and in love for it to matter much. When we got back to the hotel, the event coordinator was trying to determine if they should move the outdoor ceremony inside as there was definitely thunder and lightning in the distance, but Alissa said no — she had chosen this place to get married on the water, and she wasn’t going to be deterred by rain. And she was right! The short and very sweet ceremony went off without a hitch and ended about eight minutes before the sky opened up and it poured.

By that time, however, it didn’t matter at all. Alissa and Derek’s families and friends are SO MUCH FUN and it was a joy to spend the rest of the night dancing and laughing and celebrating all of their happiness. This is another of my oversharing blog posts, but believe me, it’s worth it. These two are amazing.

Alissa and Derek, I am SO glad that I know you and can call you my friends, and I wish you joy and happiness and California sunlight all throughout your lives. xoxoxoxox

Hair // Kris Pavao
Flowers // Kennedy Country  Gardens
Wedding Dress // Cohasset Harbor Resort
Cake // Konditor Meister
DJ // South Shore Entertainment

cohasset harbor resort

2015-08-26_00032015-08-26_00042015-08-26_00052015-08-26_00062015-08-26_00072015-08-26_00082015-08-26_00092015-08-26_00102015-08-26_00112015-08-26_00122015-08-26_00132015-08-26_00142015-08-26_0016cohasset harbor resort wedding2015-08-26_00172015-08-26_00182015-08-26_00192015-08-26_00202015-08-26_00212015-08-26_00222015-08-26_00232015-08-26_00242015-08-26_00252015-08-26_00262015-08-26_00272015-08-26_00282015-08-26_00292015-08-26_00302015-08-26_00312015-08-26_00322015-08-26_0033cohasset harbor resort wedding2015-08-26_00352015-08-26_00432015-08-26_00422015-08-26_00412015-08-26_00402015-08-26_00392015-08-26_00382015-08-26_00372015-08-26_00362015-08-26_00442015-08-26_00452015-08-26_00462015-08-26_00472015-08-26_00482015-08-26_00492015-08-26_00502015-08-26_00512015-08-26_00522015-08-26_00532015-08-26_00542015-08-26_00552015-08-26_00562015-08-26_00572015-08-26_00582015-08-26_00592015-08-26_00602015-08-26_00612015-08-26_00622015-08-26_00632015-08-26_00642015-08-26_00652015-08-26_00662015-08-26_00672015-08-26_00682015-08-26_00692015-08-26_00702015-08-26_00712015-08-26_00732015-08-26_00722015-08-26_00742015-08-26_00762015-08-26_00752015-08-26_00772015-08-26_00782015-08-26_00792015-08-26_00802015-08-26_00812015-08-26_00822015-08-26_00832015-08-26_00842015-08-26_00852015-08-26_00862015-08-26_00872015-08-26_00882015-08-26_00892015-08-26_00902015-08-26_00912015-08-26_00922015-08-26_00932015-08-26_00942015-08-26_00952015-08-26_00962015-08-26_0097

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I am sitting in my office looking out at a very angry sky and wondering whether or not I should cancel my high school senior shoot tonight. That storm we had this morning was HUGE, and I do not want to be caught out on the beach when lightning strikes! It seems appropriate, however, to be blogging Tiffany and Lael today, as the morning of their wedding started off rainy and gray; since they had planned to have their ceremony on the beach in front of the house in Hull that Lael grew up in, there was a bit of a scramble to come up with a Plan B in the event that we weren’t able to pull off the ceremony on the beach. When I arrived at the house where Tiffany was getting ready, she was as relaxed a bride as I have ever seen, and she didn’t care one bit about the weather. She was going to marry Lael no matter where it happened. Her bridesmaids were all in wonderful spirits as well, and just like that, the skies cleared and the sun came out, and Plan B wasn’t needed.

I want to back up a little, though, so that I can tell you how extraordinary these two people are. I first met them last year when they drove up from their home in Pennsylvania to meet with me. Tiffany brought her son Eathan, as as I asked questions about their wedding plans, she and Lael consulted Eathan almost as much as they consulted each other. Eathan is just about Calder’s age, and he is sweet and caring and funny and it was so nice to see him share in the delight of his mom’s engagement. When the three of them came up in February for their engagement shoot, it was a family affair as well. I had been looking forward to this day for such a long time, and I just knew it was going to be spectacular. What I didn’t know was how many times I was going to cry.

The room that Tiffany and her girls got ready in looked directly out at the beach (huge shout-out to Tiffany’s friend Kat who not only did hair and makeup for almost everyone in the wedding party, she was also a bridesmaid! She pretty much kicked butt all day long). I had been milling around with them, getting my gear ready to start shooting when I noticed that the guy out on the beach arranging the chairs and constructing the chuppah was actually Lael. Just two hours before his wedding and he was helping out, making things easier for his family. Tears for Lisa. Then, right after Tiffany put on her dress, she had a mini First Look with Eathan, whose eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw his mom in a wedding dress. Tears for Lisa. Tiffany and Lael elected not to see each other before the ceremony, but they did spend a few moments in each other’s company, quietly talking and holding hands without looking at each other. More tears. When Tiffany came across the sand with her dad and Eathan escorting her, the whole crew was sniffling. The couple wrote their own vows; after Tiffany had said hers to Lael, and Lael had said his to Tiffany, Lael called Eathan up from the front row and recited vows to HIM, about being a good father and devoting himself to Eathan and his mom. At this point I had to put the camera down and wipe my eyes with the hem of my dress, because OH MY GOD IT WAS SO AMAZING. Eathan just looked up at his parents and BEAMED.

Once the ceremony was over we took some shots at the Paragon Carousel and out on the beach. During the trip to and from, Eathan sat at the front of the party bus and pointed out the important sights along the way: World’s End, the surfers at Nantucket Beach, the liquor store where he thought a lot of the beer had come from…that got a big cheer. Tears of laughter this time. We finally ended up at the Sea Dog Brew Pub down at the docks at the end of A street where the reception was held in the Bay View Room, which pretty much gave us a front row seat to the sun setting over Boston. More tears from this sad sack when Tiffany danced with her mom. I finally got myself together when the awesome DJs (yay Charlie!) turned up the party vibe and the dance floor stayed packed all night.

Tiffany and Lael, I can not thank you and your families enough for including me in your incredibly beautiful day. I am so blessed too know you, and even though I’m a little disappointed that you chose not to take me to Greece with you, I still hope you find as much happiness in viewing these photos as I had making them for you. I wish you a long, happy, and healthy life full of laughter and love. oxoxoxoxox.

Hair and Makeup // Kat O’Mara
Seashell Bouquet // Seashells in Bloom!
Wedding Dress // Taylored for You Bridal Boutique
Groom and Groomsmen Attire // Joseph A. Bank
DJ // The DJ Experience
Cake // Konditor Meister
Venue // Sea Dog Brew Pub


A bouquet made out of shells!

A little pre-wedding love from the family dog…


Tiffany is simply stunning, all the time.



Gorgeous makeup by Kat.


The bride’s two sisters, Stephanie and Lauren, were so wonderful…

2015-08-04_00242015-08-04_00252015-08-04_0026I love this moment.


Right here. This is when I had to put my camera down and wipe away the blubbering tears.


Lael’s brothers looking on…


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Sometimes you just have to do two engagement shoots. When I met with Katie and Jay for their initial consult last fall, Katie wanted to go out to do a shoot that day. Before they had even hired me. Girl loves her some photos! Eventually, we decided on a shoot back in February to take advantage of the snow and capture something a little different, but we had always planned on shooting during the summer as well, especially since these two are beach bums and live directly across from Scituate Harbor. I think this one of the reasons I love them so much — they live the salt water life that I so adore and it was a no-brainer to take them down to one of my favorite spots near their house to celebrate their upcoming wedding with these fun summer photos. Jay is not the world’s biggest fan of the camera (which is too bad because THOSE EYES!), but I like a challenge and so I did my best to make him laugh and I think I succeeded. The real persuader, however, was Katie, as Jay will do pretty much anything for her and it is SO amazing to see his face light up whenever he looks at her. She has the warmest smile and is always laughing, and it wasn’t long before all three of us were full on in the water, just happy to be out in the sunshine, with the boats and the smell of the marsh and the beauty of the harbor all around us. I am so excited for their wedding in September at the Barker Tavern, and I am so glad to call these wonderful souls my friends.


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I have such a crush on these two. When I met Alissa and Derek last fall, I knew right away that I wanted to work with them to photograph their wedding. At that time, they were living in Southern California; when we met up to shoot their engagement session last week, they had both just completed cross-country drives to their new home here on the east coast. Derek is from the area, and had proposed to Alissa down on the waterfront, so we decided to meet up in the Seaport so we could shoot in an area that was meaningful to them. Not only did they bring their amazing selves (and Alissa’s childhood friend Sarah who is the BEST assistant of all time), but they definitely brought a giant halo of that golden California sunshine that I love so well. It was an effortless evening in the city, topped off with an introduction to Island Creek Oysters (how could I go wrong?) and a toast to their upcoming wedding at the Cohasset Harbor Resort next month. This was definitely one of my favorite shoots. I love love!


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When Rachel and Zach first came to meet with me to talk about their wedding photography, I was totally smitten. They are so fun and funny and totally awesome that on the inside I was squealing “pick me! pick me!” the whole time they were here. And yay! They picked me! After a few false starts due to weather, we finally met up at the Arnold Arboretum for their engagement shoot. The flowering trees were in full bloom, and it was such a nice afternoon. I love that they paid tribute to Zach’s awesome last name by donning Flash shirts and channeling their inner superheroes. I can’t wait for their wedding in August!



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Dan and Rebecca closed out my 2014 wedding season with an elegant and stylish celebration at the Fairmont Copley Hotel that just happened to fall on my birthday. Cake for breakfast, take some photos, cake for lunch, take some more photos…that’s my kind of day! These two are so great — Rebecca is a stunning beauty and her dress!! It was the dress that kicked all the other dress’s butts. The bodice was made of feathers! I spent the morning drooling over all of her beautiful jewelry and her shoes and her awesome friends and I just loved it. My girl Shannon met up with Dan and the other guys to get them ready for the Bride and Groom’s First Look, which took place in the very opulent hotel lobby. It was amazing. Seriously, check out Dan’s face when he sees his bride. This is why I love my job! After the First Look we took the whole wedding party out in to Copley Square where the guys hung out in a drum circle. Dan and Rebecca had portraits made in the courtyard at the Boston Public Library and they just looked so beautiful. Back to the hotel to sign the Ketubah and have their dear friend Erin, who introduced them, conduct the ceremony. Married!

I hope you enjoy these amazing people as much as I do — Dan and Rebecca, thank you so much for including me in your day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness! xoxox

Venue: Fairmont Copley Hotel // Invitations and Programs: Lynn Graham Designs // Makeup Artist: Cole McNair // Hair Artist: Cathleen Foster // Floral: Designing Images Florist // Dessert: Cakes To Remember // Band: Honey Train // Bride: Pronovias // Shoes: Badgley Mischka




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