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Good morning! I’m trying desperately to catch up on blogging — I started the year out strong, but the string of back-to-back weddings, family sessions, and senior portraits I’ve had in the past few weeks has slowed things down a bit. Plus, I’m in the middle of a giant home improvement project in the form of doing at least 100 loads of laundry. Now that Calder is 13, if he so much as touches an item of clothing, even if he doesn’t wear it, it instantly goes into the hamper and is evidently toxic until it’s been through the wash. I do not understand this phenomenon, but until I am out from under the piles, I don’t have time to Google it. Thankfully it’s raining for a change so I can get something done today. Including posting these two gorgeous people!

Even though it’s not until next spring, I am so looking forward to photographing Kaitlin and Matt’s wedding — they are SO much fun, which you can tell by the fact that Kaitlin is laughing in almost every single one of these pictures. I first met these two when I photographed Matt’s sister Rachel’s wedding last summer. Kaitlin and Matt’s son Dominic was the ring bearer, and I might have taken as many photos of him as I did of the bride and groom. Dominic came along for the beginning of this engagement session as well, and I swear he is the happiest kid EVER. All smiles and running around (check out the T-shirt he’s wearing — it’s how Matt proposed to Kaitlin!). We spent some time with him, then left him with Grandma so that we could go down to the beach for some couple-only shots. Kaitlin is an absolute goddess and the camera loves her (as does Matt; when I asked him at one point if he was getting camera-weary, he said “nope — it’s making her happy, which makes me happy.”), and we were rewarded with some amazing light as the sun was setting.



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Katherine and Ben can definitely say that they had their head in the clouds when they met; both were students at Boston College and both were on a plane headed to Australia for different study programs. It was love at first flight (ha ha ha ha HA!) and the rest is a great story of love and tailgating. Obviously we needed to use the gorgeous BC campus as the backdrop for our engagement session, and so I met up with them a few weeks ago and they showed me some of their favorite spots. They are such a sweet and fun couple, and I think Katherine has a mega-watt smile that just KILLS on camera. Ben clearly adores her, and when we ended the session in Charlestown at Pier 6 (where Ben and Katherine had their engagement party) with the Boston skyline in the background, it felt like I was hanging out with friends. These two tie the knot next May, so keep your eyes peeled for what is sure to be a gorgeous wedding!


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After a couple of weather-related cancellations, I finally met up with Carol and Dust to shoot some photos celebrating their engagement, and we really lucked out! Gorgeous skies, perfect temperature, and an abundance of happy smiles. We met up at TK O’Malley’s on the deck for a drink beforehand, and it was apparent pretty quickly that Carol was going to laugh her way through the entire shoot. Dust totally knows how to get her going, and if we could have shot the whole session right there, it would have consisted of non-stop giggles from both of them.

I’m glad we headed out, though, as the light totally cooperated and gave a nice soft haze. We strolled the docks in the harbor, then headed to Peggoty beach for the sunset, which totally delivered! I really had fun with these two; they have a generous spirit between them that brought so much warmth and joy to their photos. Dust and Carol, I am so happy that you found each other, and so happy that you found me! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding this summer 🙂 xo


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I am so excited to share these engagement photos with you! Kelly is another one of my wonderful Talbots brides (keep ’em coming!) and when I first met her at my house for a consultation, I served her a nice glass of wine, as I always do, so that we could chat. Three hours later we had gone through that bottle and half of another and were pretty much BFFs for the afternoon. Her fiancé Dana is just as awesome. He’s a Marshfield fireman and also goes out lobstering with his dad on his super cool boat, the Daystar, which is where we started our engagement shoot last week.

Kelly and Dana asked if they could bring their dog Neely (duh) and for the first half of the session, I think Neely might have thought it was all about him. He was SO well behaved, but I had to laugh as each time I would ask Kelly and Dana to do something while they were standing on the bow of the boat, Neely would howl and jump up on the side to try to photobomb. It was pretty awesome. Dana’s dad rowed me around the harbor in a skiff so I could shoot from all angles, and Neely would just race around to the side of the boat that I was on and stick his snout in the air. He knew where the camera was 😉

After we left the harbor, we headed down to the beach to catch the end of the evening light and I have to say that this night may have been one of the most perfect photographic environments I have seen in a long while. The sky was like a painting, Kelly and Dana were amazing to work with, and the combination of her dress and the light and the color of the water and the rocks and the gorgeous blue eyes on both Kelly and Dana; it was simply heaven. These two laugh a LOT, so I took advantage and just kept acting like a big goof so that I could really pull all of that authentic happiness out of them. I love that Kelly was totally game for heading into the water at the end of the session, and I think it was a most excellent way to end this stunning evening. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Kelly and Dana, I am so excited to be working with you and I can’t wait for your wedding! xoxox















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One of the first things Laura wrote to me was that she was not a “typical” bride. Now, I’ve worked with lots and lots of brides and I wouldn’t say that any of them are really typical, but Laura is certainly chill and stress-free and I’m actually lucky I got this gig as they are getting married in July and only recently started to plan! Secretly, I kind of love that. So much less time to stress. We all hit if off immediately and now I just want to hang out with them all the time.

Justin and Laura met on the Cape, so it seemed like the perfect spot to photograph their engagement session. We started with Champagne in the driveway of Laura’s family home, then headed down to Mashnee Island to stroll along the beach, then back to the house for an incredible sunset. During all of that time, I never really had to give much in the way of direction — they both just laugh and love and live within each other and it is such a joy to see that come out through the lens. Justin is a riot. Laura is a riot. My abs hurt from laughing.

Enjoy 🙂


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I am so happy to be blogging this engagement shoot, especially since I’m doing it here on this brand new website! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and feedback since the launch!

I could not have asked for a nicer couple to start this new chapter with than Kelly and Mike. Kelly is another of my Talbots girls and this past weekend I got together with this awesome pair at the Bradley Estate in Canton for their engagement session. I had never been there before, but I can’t wait to go back! Such beautiful grounds, particularly with the spring blossoms, which were in abundance. At one point we were in a field and a woman passed by us and said “where are the llamas?” Turns out we were in their enclosure. Oops! And the light! It was cloudy when we met up, but halfway through the shoot the sun came through the clouds and washed everything in gold. I may have freaked them out a little with my happy dance at how amazing they looked, but you can see for yourselves that it was a totally magical evening. Mike is a corrections officer, but inside he’s a big softie and his eyes just light up when he looks at Kelly. **Melt** She is crazy photogenic with these stunning golden eyes and I adore photographing her.

We laughed and climbed over fences and rocks and just generally had a good old time. Stay tuned for wedding photos later this year! Kelly and Mike, I am so happy to be working with you and I can’t wait to see you again soon!


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Sometimes you just have to do two engagement shoots. When I met with Katie and Jay for their initial consult last fall, Katie wanted to go out to do a shoot that day. Before they had even hired me. Girl loves her some photos! Eventually, we decided on a shoot back in February to take advantage of the snow and capture something a little different, but we had always planned on shooting during the summer as well, especially since these two are beach bums and live directly across from Scituate Harbor. I think this one of the reasons I love them so much — they live the salt water life that I so adore and it was a no-brainer to take them down to one of my favorite spots near their house to celebrate their upcoming wedding with these fun summer photos. Jay is not the world’s biggest fan of the camera (which is too bad because THOSE EYES!), but I like a challenge and so I did my best to make him laugh and I think I succeeded. The real persuader, however, was Katie, as Jay will do pretty much anything for her and it is SO amazing to see his face light up whenever he looks at her. She has the warmest smile and is always laughing, and it wasn’t long before all three of us were full on in the water, just happy to be out in the sunshine, with the boats and the smell of the marsh and the beauty of the harbor all around us. I am so excited for their wedding in September at the Barker Tavern, and I am so glad to call these wonderful souls my friends.


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I have such a crush on these two. When I met Alissa and Derek last fall, I knew right away that I wanted to work with them to photograph their wedding. At that time, they were living in Southern California; when we met up to shoot their engagement session last week, they had both just completed cross-country drives to their new home here on the east coast. Derek is from the area, and had proposed to Alissa down on the waterfront, so we decided to meet up in the Seaport so we could shoot in an area that was meaningful to them. Not only did they bring their amazing selves (and Alissa’s childhood friend Sarah who is the BEST assistant of all time), but they definitely brought a giant halo of that golden California sunshine that I love so well. It was an effortless evening in the city, topped off with an introduction to Island Creek Oysters (how could I go wrong?) and a toast to their upcoming wedding at the Cohasset Harbor Resort next month. This was definitely one of my favorite shoots. I love love!


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When Rachel and Zach first came to meet with me to talk about their wedding photography, I was totally smitten. They are so fun and funny and totally awesome that on the inside I was squealing “pick me! pick me!” the whole time they were here. And yay! They picked me! After a few false starts due to weather, we finally met up at the Arnold Arboretum for their engagement shoot. The flowering trees were in full bloom, and it was such a nice afternoon. I love that they paid tribute to Zach’s awesome last name by donning Flash shirts and channeling their inner superheroes. I can’t wait for their wedding in August!



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I hear birds! And I see grass! I’m going to call upon my power of positive thinking and say that the longest, snowiest winter in the history of the world is finally coming to an end. Just in time, too, as mama’s about to snap.

Thank goodness for wonderful clients like Tiffany and Lael, who, along with Tiffany’s sweet son Ethan, trudged out into the woods with me to shoot their engagement photos. When they originally scheduled their shoot for March (they live out of state and came up here especially for the shoot!), we had no idea we’d be dealing with mounds of dirty snow. I did a little scouting for some untouched areas, and after dragging them a mile into the forest, we finally found a spot where the snow wasn’t hideously muddy (or yellow, woof). It was pretty much two hours of non-stop laughing. Lael is not afraid to be a clown (as evidenced by one of the photos below). He and Tiffany are absolutely made for each other; you can see it in the way that they look at each other, laugh with each other, and especially in the way that the three of them are such a great little family. Tiffany is such a great mom to Ethan, and I loved seeing how happy they all make each other. Tiffany is SO easy to photograph. Just a stunner. They are getting married on the beach this summer, and I am so looking forward to what I’m sure is going to be a gorgeous day!


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