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Continuing along with my big blog catch-up from the fall, I bring you more autumn sunshine goodness in the form of these two awesome people. Seriously, could Sadie’s hair be any more fabulous for fall? And Dylan is no longer the little guy that used to battle over trains with Calder. He’s a full-on young man. Their mom Kristina likes to have them pose together in affectionate sibling ways, but you can see how Sadie feels about that these days 😉 Instead, we captured some amazing light and very authentic images. I love this gang!

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It’s been fairly quiet here on the blog since just before the holidays; typically I like to blog my sessions shortly after they happen, but once we get into September and October, the backlog starts to grow, and certain late-in-the-year shoots get put on hold until things slow down in January. The benefit of this is that today, this day where they are predicting “life-threatening” wind chill, we can look at some gorgeous photos from warmer, sunnier days with brilliant landscape and lovely people.

I’ve been photographing Patty and her family since the boys were little, but this is the first year that they’ve had a dog; Bode made it very clear from the beginning that the shoot was really all about him, and that the humans were just props. Beautiful props, but still. He managed to appear in over 60% of the images I took that day, whether he was supposed to or not. It’s all good, though, because look at him. He’s a model! And a well-loved member of this amazing family. So, without further ado, I present Bode’s family: Lance, Patty, Will, and Reid. Don’t they all seem lit from within?


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Two of my favorite kids from one of my favorite families: This shoot is always a lot of fun. I actually take lots and lots of photos of Gunnar and Lisel throughout the year — their mother Helena is one of my closest fiends, they are great friends with Calder, and we spend a lot of time at their house near Sandy Cove, climbing the rocks and strolling the beach. I am still holding out for the day when they take me with them on their annual trip to Sweden so that I can photograph them there;) This year, however, we did something a little different, but it doesn’t matter. I could shoot these kids anywhere — the light always seems to find them and wrap them in gold. I love how these came out, and I am so glad Helena jumped in for a few at the end! xoxox


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It’s no secret that I love to photograph people with red hair. Something about the way the sunlight picks up all those subtle shades and shimmers of color just makes me so happy. I mean no disrespect to all of my differently-hair-colored clients, but when the leaves start to change, I am thrilled when I get redheads in front of my lens! I met up with Kimberly and her family last week down near the Cohasset Sailing Club so that we could take advantage of the awesome foliage, and I definitely got my fill of that beautiful hair. I absolutely love the way this family interacts with each other — Lily and Charlotte could not be sweeter, and check out the shot of Charlotte totally photobombing the picture of her parents! I was so happy that Kimberly let me take some individual shots of her and when I posted one of them on Facebook the day after the shoot, it pretty much broke the Internet. Moms — you need to be photographed!!

Gorgeous light, gorgeous family, wonderful friends. Enjoy!!


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I love it when friends come together to their senior shoots. Especially when they make each other giggle. These BFFs brought out the best in each other and spent most of the shoot laughing, even when I made them climb into a potentially bee-infested tangle of thorns. Which: ART. Say hello to Morgan and Becca, and watch them shine 🙂


How stunning is Morgan??


I am so in love with the way Becca scrunches up her nose when she laughs…


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Oh Katie and Jay. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

• I love that we watched football during our first meeting
• I love that you met me in three feet of snow for our first engagement shoot
• I love that you adore your rescue dog more than life
• I love that you post a photo of the sunrise view from your house every day
• I love that you had a parade party for St. Patricks Day and welcomed me and my gang
• I love that we got kicked out of the Scituate yacht club together during our summer engagement shoot and you didn’t even bat an eye
• I love that you wore Sperrys to your First Look
• I love that your fancy wedding shoes were SO BLINGED OUT
• I love that your families are so important to you and that they were such a big part of your day
• I love that Jay’s parents have a shady back yard!
• I love that you had a bishop marry you and that you got a papal blessing
• I love that the bishop forgot to have you exchange rings, so you got to do your first kiss twice 😉
• I love that you didn’t stress when your bus never showed up
• I love that you made it a point to feed your friends well and hang out with them so much during the middle of your wedding day
• I love that you bought Max a tie and made sure that we did photographs with him
• I love that you are always so generous in expressing your happiness and gratitude
• I love that you love each other so much that photographing you is easy

And finally…

• I love that you chose me to be your wedding photographer so that I could share this amazing day with you. What a huge blessing. I am so happy to call you friends!

Venue // Barker Tavern
Hair // KA Ricco
Makeup // Danielle Keefe
Flowers // Sue Chessia Floral Design
Cake // Montilio’s
DJ // DJ Mike Janedy


Seriously? I am gaga over these shoes. And the flowers were GORGEOUS.


How fun it is that Ann Hathaway photobombed this?


Max. Max and His Tie. Katie and Max and His Tie.


I thought it was so great how all of the bridesmaids just fell into this sassy position while they were watching the formals.


Um…hello beautiful.


One of the most important photos of the day.


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It’s possible that I’m still exhausted from this session, which was over a week ago. This is an energetic bunch! It’s shoots like this, though, that make me so happy that I get to do what I do. Four boys, rocks and trees to climb, lots of space to run, and a beautiful day — that’s the way summer should be.

Enjoy Aydin and Eren and their cousins Caleb and Sam, and don’t feel bad if you need to make a nap afterwards 😉


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There’s not much that makes me happier than when clients come to me year after year for their family photos. One thing that does beat that, though, is when a client who has moved AWAY — all the way to Washington DC — makes a point to schedule a session while she’s back in town to visit. Sarah has been a loyal client since her kids, Ned and Charlotte, were little (see a few former shoots here and here). They are not so little any more, and in that crazy way that kids seem to grow several feet when you haven’t seen them in a while, Ned and Charlotte both showed up looking like teenagers. They are just as much fun as ever, and we had a really great time running around down by the Cohasset Sailing Club. Charlotte’s dress had elephants, which might be the coolest thing I’ve seen all year.

We even recreated an image from their very first shoot:

The family has since gone back to their new home in Maryland, but I’m so glad I got a chance to see them and I look forward to next time!

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Before it’s too late.

We are reminded of this precept in so many places. Register for the class before it’s too late. Put down a deposit before it’s too late. Travel the world before it’s too late. Cook that chicken before it’s too late. Say I love you. Before it’s too late. I’m typically of the mind that it’s NEVER too late, but sometimes the universe has other plans.

Recently, my next-door neighbor passed away after a brief, unexpected illness. In the two years prior to her death, her family had been trying to arrange a photo shoot with me so that I could document four generations of their family, the oldest of which was my neighbor. There was always something that prevented the entire group from getting together; a work meeting, a fussy baby, a lacrosse tournament. The pictures were never taken. And then, without warning the opportunity was gone, and it was too late.

Certainly not all missed opportunities for photography are so heartbreaking. Sometimes people don’t want to schedule something until their kid gets his braces off. Or until the baby is sitting up. Or until they lose that last 10 pounds. And then, a few years later, I hear these same folks lament that they can’t believe how quickly the kids are growing and why oh why didn’t they get photos done BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE?

Capture your family, your love, your life. As you are right now.

Laurie and Dave contacted me recently; even though we had done a family shoot back in the fall, Laurie wanted to know if I would be willing to photograph her two girls with the family dog, Orlagh. Orlagh is a super-beautiful golden retriever who, in past years, was thought of as a little too energetic to be in our shoots. Recently, however, Orlagh was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer which is difficult to treat. In the midst of all of the vet appointments and chemotherapy, Laurie and Dave knew that they really wanted to capture the relationship that Charlie and Annabel have with their sweet pet. So, we made room in our schedules and went out into the fields and just played. And when I sent Laurie her gallery, her response just said everything:

“One word…AH-MAZING! I am beyond thrilled with how these photos turned out. As I scrolled through the gallery the first time, I had tears in my eyes yet a smile on my face because you captured “it.” From Orlagh’s spirit (and golden smile), to Charlie’s love for Orlagh, to Annabel’s devious little grins, each photo speaks volumes to who these girls are and what they mean to us and to each other. I will treasure each of these images.

I’m so glad I was able to do this for my cherished clients. Enjoy the love!


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At this point I kind of feel like an honorary member of Krista and Ryan’s family; I have been shooting with them for so long that every session is easier than the last, and we just flow right into it. This last shoot was no exception. We met up at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston for Ben’s 3rd installment in his First Year Package (first and second installments) and he was raring to go. We plopped him in the grass, gave him some sticks to play with, and got some amazing smiles. I love this family so much and was thrilled that big brother Tyler and big sis Brooke were there to play around with us. Check out the happiness!


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