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When I took Donna and Brian’s engagement photos back in June, they admitted to me that they were nervous in front of the camera. I told them that the engagement shoot would be harder than the wedding; on the big day, the story would unfold for them, and I would be there to make sure I captured it all. Well, they must have listened to me, because when I showed up on a sunny Labor Day weekend, there could not have been two more relaxed people. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with them and their families.

After Donna’s mother kindly fed me a turkey sandwich at the house, I caught up with the girls at Salon Tres Chic where everyone was laughing and getting gorgeous.

The salon was a few doors down from Donna’s parent’s house, which is across the street from the house she shares with Brian, which is in turn a few doors down from the church where the ceremony took place. I ran back and forth a few times (ok, a lot) to see what everyone was doing:

I love these shots of Brian getting ready:

His mom came out to give him a hand:

Back to see what was happening with Donna:

Then across the street for the main event!

I love being able to catch these moments:

A few nerves before walking down the aisle:

Then it was nothing but smiles!

The church had big skylights which made for some pretty dramatic scenes. Check out Best Man Steve. Thumbs up:

Then it was off to the Dedham Hilton for some quick photos before we lost the light.

Off to the party, where super-cool DJ Gary Titus kept things rocking until the wee hours. (Well, 12:30. I did all that running around earlier, remember?)

The bride and her dad:

The groom and his dad:

Thank you, Donna and Brian, for including me in your wonderful day! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

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I had the most amazing privilege of traveling to Quechee, VT last weekend to photograph the wedding of Janie and Chris. Over the three days that I was there, spending time with their friends and families, I learned just how special these two people are. Their devotion to service, humanity, and their spirituality is surpassed only by their devotion to each other, and it was apparent in every toast, and in every smile, and in every bit of laughter how much these two are loved.

Rain was in the forecast, but it held off for the most part and we were able to be outside. The guests all stayed at the Quechee Inn, which is where the reception was held. The staff was wonderful and pulled off a gorgeous party for Jane and Chris:

Janie’s parents live right down the street from the church in Woodstock where the ceremony was held. I loved hanging out with Janie and her sisters Emily and Ann (whose wedding I shot in Woodstock last fall!) as they helped her get ready:

Mom and Dad’s first looks:

Check out these fantastic earrings!
Janie took a few minutes to relax and check the weather before we left for the church:

I met Chris at the church and snagged a few minutes with him before the ceremony:

Janie’s last moments as a single girl!

The two celebrants at the wedding were former classmates of Chris’s — Father Brian and Father Todd — and they were two of the nicest, funniest, most accommodating people I have ever met. Here they are goofing off a bit before getting down to the serious business of marrying their friend:



Janie and her sisters:

The Quechee Inn has a wonderful field in the back where we took lots of photos. The rain completely held off, and the light was gorgeous.

Don’t you just love Vermont?

Don’t you just love the Jesuits?

A toast to great happiness and love:

A tremendous thank you to Janie and Chris, as well as to their families, for allowing me to be part of their special day!

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