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I’m strangely obsessed with this song — maybe it’s the way the straightforward, brutal chorus just punches me in the heart. Everybody likes that, don’t they?

The video is a little creepy, but give it a shot.

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I suppose that title is misleading, as I never really shared the beginning of the process, but if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my posts about The Great Studio Cleanout and the variety of treasures I’ve uncovered. I moved four times between 2007 and 2009, so when I arrived here, I pretty much just threw things on the floor and called it done. I neglected to take a before photo, but this should give you an idea:

(okay, this is not really my house, I just grabbed it from the “Hoarders” website, but it felt like that. Have you ever watched that show? Hoarders? My God. I’m fairly sympathetic to the disorder, but the ones with the cockroaches? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.)

I should stop here to make a full disclosure: what I call the Great Studio is really the Teeny-Tiny Office. Sometimes I delude. It makes me feel better.

I thought I had it tricked out pretty swell until Calder’s dad came in one night and sat on one of the two green tuffet-like things that I had for my clients to sit on, and proclaimed it “um, really uncomfortable.” Gulp. How many people sat on those and never said anything to me? My cue to leap into action.

(translation: my cue to drive to IKEA.)

There are still a number of improvements that need to be made, but right now I’m feeling good about the way the space is tying together with my brand. I am also updating my website and blog, and I’m hoping that by the end of this process, there will be lots of new things for you to look at when you come by. And you will come by, right? I’ll have cookies.

The view as you walk in:

New bookshelf and chairs (actually, the chairs are repurposed as a nod to parsimony, but the cushions are new). I’m admittedly no architectural photographer, but believe me when I tell you that the floor does not tilt this alarmingly. The wide angle lens makes the image wonky. I’m also still working on that back-of-the-door area; I need a new place for all my bags of (necessary) stuff.

The shelves over the desk were installed by my dad two years ago. At the time, they suited my purposes (the desk faced in a different direction), but now they kind of bug me. The problem, however, is that when my father — also known as “overkill Ed” — installs something, it goes down with the ship. So, the shelves stay for now. I plan to swap out most of the images on the top shelf for newer ones. The bottom shelf is to be determined. I also hate that the cables are so visible, but I fully intend to get Bob Pattison on the job for me as soon as I can tear him away from XBox.

A view towards the door. And my blank slate for 2012!

Some details:

Industrial carpet notwithstanding, it’s so nice to see the floor again. Until tax time. For now, though, there’s space for all the brochures and price lists (which are also being updated). And yes, I am aware that the plant is sad.

So, that’s the halfway point. Please come by. The chairs are much more comfortable. And if you’re artistically inclined or work for Dwell, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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January is generally a slow month — all of the holiday business is behind me, and I rarely have many shoots scheduled. There’s been a bit of a shift this year, however, and I’ve been behind the camera quite a few times already this month, which is just fine by me. Evidently it’s just fine with Henry as well, as he was all revved up and ready to shine when I met up with him and his parents in the city this past weekend.

Laughing with his mom Aimee.

I’m in love with baby eyelashes.

How cute is his sweater?

Goofing around with daddy.

Henry was totally content to take over the lobby of the ICA and make his own art.

One to drink from, and one for a shoe.

Grateful thanks to Phil, Aimee, and Henry for hanging out with me. Keep checking back as we watch Henry grow!

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I can’t think of a better way to start a new year than taking photos of Liv and Drew. They didn’t care that it was cold. They just make everything melt :).

That missing tooth just slays me.

Livvie and my camera are very good friends.

Winter shoots can be lots of fun, and completely original! I’d love to hear from you if you feel like doing something different this year!

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I’m back at my desk and ready for some Big! Exciting! Changes! but in the meantime, my sleeplessness is your entertainment.

1. I get funny looks when I do this. Dogs are so lucky.

2. Now that things have calmed down a bit at work, I can dive back into some books. This site is a great resource. Hope some of you will join and give me some suggestions!

3. I could watch this man over and over. This song itself is great but it’s the video, and specifically Michael Stipe, that tugs at every memory I have about love and loss. The blue tones in the airport, the grimy window on the train. Brilliant, heartbreaking.

Now life is sweet
And what it brings
I tried to take
But loneliness
It wears me out
It lies in wait

And I’ve lost
Still in my eyes
The shadow of necklace
Across your thigh
I might’ve lived my life in a dream, but I swear
This is real
Memory fuses and shatters like glass
Mercurial future, forget the past
It’s you, it’s what I feel.

4. When it’s 3:00 in the morning, it’s nice to know there are other people cursing the sandman. Or staring at this which immediately connects you to the universe. And ooo, pretty colors.

5. Let that which is unsaid be said.

6. If all crooks were this polite, the world would be a better place, no? Actually, this is unbelievably sad.

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