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I’m always a little sad when I finish a First Year project with one of my babies. I’m never sure when I’m going to see them again, and if I do, if they’ll even remember me. When Tyler’s mom called me after his second birthday to ask me to come and take his photos again, I was elated. When he jumped right into the shoot as if not a single day had gone by, I had to do a little dance of happiness. Tyler is all blue eyes and rosy lips and enormous fun. We met out at Castle Island and watched the planes fly overhead.

Very curious about my camera!

Krista + Ryan + Tyler = familyrific!

I love these two. He just looks so little…

I think two is the last age you can get a boy to pose in flowers — doesn’t he look so adorable?

Another favorite:

A huge thank you to Krista, Rayan, and Tyler for meeting me so early in the morning on such a sweltering day — it was completely worth it to see my little buddy again. He’s truly a joy to be around, and I hope I’ll get to see you all again soon!

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They claimed it was the brownies that I served during our initial meeting, but really, it was the Jedi mind tricks that I employed the minute Anna and Jay walked into my studio to talk about photography for their summer wedding. I instantly wanted to be (1) their photographer, (2) their best friend, and (3) in my 20s again, because seriously? How beautiful are these two? We met up last week and caught some serious light and I informed them that I would be accompanying them on their honeymoon because everyone needs a professional photographer on their honeymoon? Right?

I love the love.

Anna’s ring makes me tingle. So beautiful.

Hello smokeshow.

Do you think Jay knows what a lucky guy he is?

Thank you, Scituate Harbor. You are lovely…

A quick change of outfits and locations, and HELLO LIGHT!

I am so excited to photograph Anna on her wedding day — her eyes just sparkle! Jay is not too shabby himself…

One of my favorites:

Team LGP. I love it when clients pull out their springs for me!

A tip from Anna and Jay — bright colors make you look awesome and make the photographer REALLY HAPPY.

I simply can not wait for what is sure to be an absolutely beautiful wedding. Anna and Jay, thank you so much for your time and for making me laugh during the whole shoot. I’m so glad you chose to work with me!! xoxoxoxox

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Katie and I have been trying to get a shoot on the books since Tyler was born, eight months ago. One thing or another always seemed to come up at the last minute, but we finally connected last week and it was happy happy joy joy from start to finish!

Whitney welcomes me to her room:

Could you just eat this kid up??

Can you see Whitney in the back corner? LOVE her.

One of my favorites:


Outside for a bit to play in the garden. Tyler is very enamored of his sister and she can make him laugh. And make fish faces…

Beautiful Whitney:

Katie, thank you for your patience while we waited out Mother Nature. It was so fun to meet all of you!

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June is always a fickle friend, no? Most years by the beginning of June there have already been a handful of great beach days and gorgeous balmy evenings, and then WHAM! We get a handful of raw and rainy days that make it seem as if we’re heading straight back towards March. I was at the summit of Mount Washington yesterday where the temperature (with wind chill) was NINETEEN degrees. My wet hair actually got crunchy and started to freeze. I forced Calder to pose for a photo as if we’d conquered Everest under our own power (we took the Cog Railway up) and he told me later that I “care too much about photos to worry about whether or not someone is freezing to death.” So, good parenting by me.

Last Sunday was an entirely different story, however. I got up at dark o’clock and drove to Rockport to shoot engagement photos for my amazing clients Beth and Nick, and we had nothing but blue skies and warm sunshine. I first met these two back in October, and I knew right away that I wanted to be their wedding photographer. They are so darn cute that I can hardly STAND it, and yet they radiate this happiness together that makes me kind of want to rope myself to them and hang out all day. Beth was really excited about shooting in Gloucester so that she and Nick could have pictures near Motif #1; however, when we arrived in the morning, some guy with a Really Big Boat had decided to tie up directly in front of the building. You know, blocking one of the most beautiful attractions on the coast. With his Really Big Boat. I thought about cutting his shore power just to see if he would consider me bad-ass enough to actually scare him into moving his Really Big Boat, but instead we just decided to get creative, and then the Universe came along and helped out.

How gorgeous are the eyes on Beth? I love when girls know exactly how to look into the lens.

We walked away from the building to see if there was another angle we could shoot from, when this salty dude come zooming up on his little dinghy and told us he could give us a shot we couldn’t refuse. He wasn’t kidding. Motif #1 is his OFFICE. As in, unlock the doors, usher us up this crazy skinny staircase, and open the windows on one of the most iconic waterfront buildings ever. His name is Bill Lee and if you are EVER in Rockport and want to experience things from a different view, especially as a photographer (or a bride and groom), you have to call this guy.

Not only will Captain Bill make you feel like you own the whole harbor, he will take folks out to the surrounding islands, which are super private, so that they can have their photos — or even their wedding ceremonies — done. He’s in the dictionary under Salt of the Earth, I know it. I told him I would kiss him full on the mouth for being such a great guy to us, but he just wanted a cup of coffee. Your mileage may vary, but LOOK at what Beth and Nick got to do.

The skinny little streets of Rockport offer so much color and life for photos. Beth and Nick were SO great for me.

I love Love. Especially when it comes in a gorgeous package.

Nick doesn’t say much, but he makes Beth laugh, and you all know I consider that the best kind of language. Love these.

Beth and Nick, I can’t wait to photograph you on your wedding day. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of something so special. A big thanks to Bill Lee and my very capable assistant Erik for making the day go so smoothly.

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