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Check out Whitney, Anna, Michelle, and Peter. Don’t they just make you want to cheer for their supreme awesomeness? Technically, this was Whitney’s shoot, as she hadn’t had one since she came along, but it’s the whole family that brought the magic.

Whitney was a mere day away from being the Birthday Girl.

Anna was happy to smile for me, so long as puppy could participate as well.

Um, seriously? How gorgeous is this family?

Gorgeous and FUN.

Anna got some very big air for me.

I love these.

Thank you, thank you, for an amazing evening full of sunlight and happy smiles. I was thrilled to work with you all!

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Max used to be very shy. No more. Now he’s just awesome. Evidence:

Dancing in the sunlight…

Model Max? MTV Max? I love them both.

Mostly, he’s fun Max.

Thank you, Jen and Max, for another shoot filled with smiles, laughs, and lots of running. I’ll be resting up now…

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Actually, they’re already married, but they’ve decided to stretch the party out, which I believe to be a brilliant idea. When I met Danielle, she was literally giddy with the idea of getting married; she told me that she and Nick just wanted to do it as quickly as possible. And so they did! They are both avid hikers; they tied the knot in a private ceremony at the summit of one of their favorite peaks. The party part comes this weekend, when family and friends will join Danielle, Nick, and their two super-sweet children for a reception celebrating their union. I get to be there to document that (yay!), but first we all got together on the beach in Hull to take some late-afternoon engagement photos. Thank you, light.

Elijah and Adrian were happy to hang out and be totally awesome.

Happy, fun family.

Danielle and Nick radiate their own light, but it didn’t hurt that the sun was perfect that day.


I can’t wait for this weekend to see all the fantastic details Danielle has gathered for her celebration. Danielle and Nick, thank you for sharing this time with me, and I look forward to the big soirée!

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I meant to post these photos on Tuesday, but due to a self-diagnosed case of heat-hysteria, I am a little behind. This weather has been wreaking havoc on pretty much every aspect of my life. My computer, normally a bastion of cool, was practically smoking five minutes after I turned it on; my brain followed soon after. I’ve had nothing but cereal and popsicles for days. Did you know that leather car seats can burn the HECK out of your legs? I do. And sleeping? Forget it. I’ll let you guess what kind of mood that put me in.


Looking at these photos, however, cheers me right up. I first photographed Jack and Ava when Jack was just a few days old. Ava was none too pleased about her new baby brother. Proof:

These days, though, they are best buddies, and when I met them down by the Scituate waterfront, they were all ready to jump right in. I was afraid Jack might be a little shy, but he immediately started telling me about how on the ride up he had seen “PLANETHH! IN THE THHKY!” It’s possible I have a little crush.

Ava is such a big girl now. She chose the outfits for the whole family.

Don’t they make a gorgeous family?

Erica has the most amazing smile. And Ava looks just like her!

Jay and Jack!


A favorite:

Erica, Jay, Ava, and Jack — I had such a good time seeing you again, and I hope the rest of your vacation was wonderful. Thank you for spending such a nice afternoon with me!!!

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Mary Fran is one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook; her funny posts are spot-on about life with kids (one of my favorites had something to do with how her epitaph will read “here lies Mary Fran, who will Rest in Peace once the kitchen is clean”). Mary Fran and her husband Jon have three adorable kids and a slew of relatives who came to town; we dodged raindrops all day and then hit the beach just in time for the clouds to part.

Mary’s mom, brother Mike, niece Sara and nephew Josh joined her, Jon, Tommy, Drew, and Allie for a family rock-star portrait:

Grandma and all the cousins:

Sara and Josh:

Drew had everyone giggling:

Beautiful Allie and the curls I want to steal from her:

Tommy rocks the orange shirt; you know how happy that makes me…

Sweet family:

Just the girls:

Formal photos over, it was time to play. With mustaches, muscles, hermit crabs, and enormous blue eyes…

Sara has amazing eyes. They were made for this kind of light:

Love these:

Thank you, wonderful family, for a super-awesome day!!

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