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How great is it that Matt came all the way from Texas just to have me take his senior photos? 😉 I’m kidding. I think maybe there were some other things on their agenda while they were here, but it was really nice to have a chance to see this family while they were back in town. I didn’t know Matt very well when his family lived in Cohasset, but I did know his little sister Olivia, and I almost fell over when I saw how grown up she is. I’m glad I was able to squeeze her (and mom and dad) in for a few shots as well. Matt is as polite and sweet as can be, and we had fun talking about Dallas heat, the rules of rugby, and little sisters. This is one handsome kid! Good luck Matt 🙂


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It’s the same every year — I start working with this year’s rising senior class, and I start realizing that I knew some of these kids when they were 7 or 8 and I was just starting the business, and HOW did they get so big? And when did I get so OLD?

It’s a good thing they’re all so great to work with. This is Alex and not only was she fun, but she was also willing to traipse through the mud to get to a spot I deemed perfect for photos. She is as wonderful to hang out with as she is to photograph and I was so happy that we got to work together. Good luck Alex!


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Katherine and Ben can definitely say that they had their head in the clouds when they met; both were students at Boston College and both were on a plane headed to Australia for different study programs. It was love at first flight (ha ha ha ha HA!) and the rest is a great story of love and tailgating. Obviously we needed to use the gorgeous BC campus as the backdrop for our engagement session, and so I met up with them a few weeks ago and they showed me some of their favorite spots. They are such a sweet and fun couple, and I think Katherine has a mega-watt smile that just KILLS on camera. Ben clearly adores her, and when we ended the session in Charlestown at Pier 6 (where Ben and Katherine had their engagement party) with the Boston skyline in the background, it felt like I was hanging out with friends. These two tie the knot next May, so keep your eyes peeled for what is sure to be a gorgeous wedding!


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I have found the one who my soul loves — Song of Solomon 3:4

This is the quote that Laura and Justin asked me to use at the beginning of their engagement book, and I can’t think of anything that suits them more. It’s such a rare and wonderful thing to meet two people who have not only found each other in love, but also in deep, soul-touching harmony, and it was a privilege to be a part of this very special day, when they stood in front of their family and friends and very simply and sweetly shared their unique bond. I am so grateful that I can call them my friends.

After our fantastic and fun engagement session, I knew that it was going to be a breeze to capture all of the joy of their wedding day. Laura and Justin have been together for nine years and so all of their guests just seemed like one big family, which made my job so easy. I started out at Laura’s sister (and Matron of Honor) Stacie’s house where the girls were just hanging out and having fun. Little Delaney, who was one of the flower girls, was such a good helper to me, showing me all of the good spots in the house where I should be taking photographs. She also tried out Laura’s shoes, just for practice 😉 My girl Jess spent the morning with Justin and the guys, who were getting ready over at Laura and Justin’s sweet house on the lake. That’s where they did their First Look, which gave me goosebumps. I love when couples can totally shut out the world around them and just belong to each other in that wonderful moment when they see their partner for the first time. I wish we’d had more time to just lounge by the water and soak in all of the love, but this couple had to get married!

We headed out to Devens Common where Laura and Justin spoke their own vows to each other in a lovely outdoor ceremony, and then we headed in for the party. Laura’s dad knows that Justin is a big Boston Bruins fan, and so he surprised the couple by having the one and only (can you imagine two?) Rene Rancourt come to sing for them. Everyone’s reaction was priceless, and it was a great kick-off to an excellent reception. Laura never ever ever ever stops smiling, and it is completely infectious. Justin might be the sweetest groom that ever was. Lots of dancing and laughing, wonderful toasts, and even a surprise drum solo from one of Laura’s uncles (thanks to the band Bayside for letting him step in!). At one point in the evening Laura told me that she knew she had found the right photographer for her and Justin because I just “got” it. Love? Yes, I get it. And I was thrilled beyond measure to share it with these amazing people.

Laura and Justin, I am convinced that we are friends for life. I am planning to show up at your house soon to just gaze out the window at the view. Let’s have champagne. xoxoxoxox

Venue: Devens Common | Hair and Makeup: As You Like It Salon | Floral: Black Iris Floral Design | Band: Bayside









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I was walking the dog on the beach this morning and speaking to a good friend who lives here in Cohasset in the summer, but spends the rest of the year in Texas — I asked her if the heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in the Northeast had been bothering her. “This is not hot.” she said. “This is not even remotely hot.”

I guess I won’t ever be moving to Texas, then. Seven straight days of temperatures of 95+ have been draining me of every ounce of energy that I have. The droning of my wimpy air-conditioner has made me slightly insane. The sticky sand on my floors and my sofa and in my bed has, more than once, reduced me to a whiny mess. I just want to immerse myself in the ocean on a lounge chair with a cup of ice and not move or speak until fall. The only thing that gets me going is knowing that I am going to have some adorable kids on the other side of my lens. Take Georgia, for example. She’s so fresh and cool 🙂 I met her mom, dad, and sister last summer when I took Emma’s senior photos. Georgia was just a little nugget on the inside at that point, but I got to hang out with her and her mom Brittney last week, and it was so fun. How gorgeous is Britt? Seriously, I was this hot sweaty mess and she was just impossibly fresh and delightful. And sweet Elliot jumped in for a few shots as well, which was so great. Georgia was the star, however, with those big eyes and that wide smile — definitely cool =) Enjoy!!


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It’s been a few years since I’ve photographed Mary Fran and her awesome family, but I follow their adventures regularly here in town. I’m particularly fond of Mary Fran’s daily Facebook musings on returning to the work force with a position at a startup with a bunch of 20-somethings. Her three kids are enough to keep her and husband Jon young, though, and we were lucky enough on this beautiful afternoon to be joined by grandparents, which always makes things fun! Such a wonderful evening climbing rocks and splashing in the water at Sandy Cove. Thank you to Mary Fran, Jon, Tommy, Allie, and Drew for being such a great group!


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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared. — Buddha

I came away from this shoot with a smile that beamed to the moon. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue, the water at Sandy Cove was inviting, and this family was just wonderful. I hadn’t met them prior to this shoot, but I had seen the boys around town and had heard how fun they all are, so when Diana contacted me to take their family photos, I was really excited. Diana is GORGEOUS and is such a strong, loving, and fun mom to her three boys. She has the sweetest Australian accent and I could listen to her all day. Her boys all have distinct personalities, but the one thing they share is such great love for their mom; and I feel so honored to have been able to capture that on this amazing night. Christian, Ollie, Alex — take good care of your beautiful mama and always be willing to get a little wet 😉 Thank you for sharing your evening, and your happiness, with me.





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After a couple of weather-related cancellations, I finally met up with Carol and Dust to shoot some photos celebrating their engagement, and we really lucked out! Gorgeous skies, perfect temperature, and an abundance of happy smiles. We met up at TK O’Malley’s on the deck for a drink beforehand, and it was apparent pretty quickly that Carol was going to laugh her way through the entire shoot. Dust totally knows how to get her going, and if we could have shot the whole session right there, it would have consisted of non-stop giggles from both of them.

I’m glad we headed out, though, as the light totally cooperated and gave a nice soft haze. We strolled the docks in the harbor, then headed to Peggoty beach for the sunset, which totally delivered! I really had fun with these two; they have a generous spirit between them that brought so much warmth and joy to their photos. Dust and Carol, I am so happy that you found each other, and so happy that you found me! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding this summer 🙂 xo


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I am so excited to share these engagement photos with you! Kelly is another one of my wonderful Talbots brides (keep ’em coming!) and when I first met her at my house for a consultation, I served her a nice glass of wine, as I always do, so that we could chat. Three hours later we had gone through that bottle and half of another and were pretty much BFFs for the afternoon. Her fiancé Dana is just as awesome. He’s a Marshfield fireman and also goes out lobstering with his dad on his super cool boat, the Daystar, which is where we started our engagement shoot last week.

Kelly and Dana asked if they could bring their dog Neely (duh) and for the first half of the session, I think Neely might have thought it was all about him. He was SO well behaved, but I had to laugh as each time I would ask Kelly and Dana to do something while they were standing on the bow of the boat, Neely would howl and jump up on the side to try to photobomb. It was pretty awesome. Dana’s dad rowed me around the harbor in a skiff so I could shoot from all angles, and Neely would just race around to the side of the boat that I was on and stick his snout in the air. He knew where the camera was 😉

After we left the harbor, we headed down to the beach to catch the end of the evening light and I have to say that this night may have been one of the most perfect photographic environments I have seen in a long while. The sky was like a painting, Kelly and Dana were amazing to work with, and the combination of her dress and the light and the color of the water and the rocks and the gorgeous blue eyes on both Kelly and Dana; it was simply heaven. These two laugh a LOT, so I took advantage and just kept acting like a big goof so that I could really pull all of that authentic happiness out of them. I love that Kelly was totally game for heading into the water at the end of the session, and I think it was a most excellent way to end this stunning evening. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Kelly and Dana, I am so excited to be working with you and I can’t wait for your wedding! xoxox















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There are a great number of wonderful things I could say about this family: How funny Jen is, how cute Emma’s freckles are, how I remember laughing and chatting at the bus stop with Taylor and Bryan when the kids were little, and how one year at their Cinco de Mayo party I stepped backwards off of their patio and fell into a bush. All true. Lately, however, the Thomas family has been known for their incredible resilience in the face of a very difficult year. Last summer, Bryan Thomas suffered a near-fatal aneurysm that left him unable to speak or walk for over a month. I remember seeing how the town rallied around the family, offering support however they could, and when Bryan returned home in early September, it was as if there was this collective sigh of relief; he was alive, he was back in the fold. So much of life has us clinging to the thinnest and frailest of filaments just to get by; this family hangs on to each other and hope and love with sturdy guide ropes and just being around them is a treat. I was so honored when Jen called me and asked me to photograph them all one fall afternoon. I had concerns about Bryan’s mobility, but she assured me that it wasn’t going to be an issue, and boy was she right.

We headed out to World’s End in Hingham with the family dogs and within minutes I let go of any anxiety I had about capturing the connection this family has — they just ooze love and laughter and fun. Emma is such a sweet girl with these GORGEOUS green eyes, and Bryan, despite a slight weakness on one side of his body, was able to keep up with everyone, climbing the hill and walking the trails and just generally being a normal happy kid. Taylor and Jen are so awesome together and I can see why, despite the hit they all took, they are still standing tall. The shoot was wonderful, and I hope the photos below convey how much fun we had, and how awesome this gang is. And it just keeps getting better! (photo below by Kimberly Albanese)


Recently, Bryan has made incredible efforts to give back to the doctors and nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital” He raised almost $30,000 and walked with family and friends from town. I see him out running all the time. I feel lucky to know him. And lucky to know all of them — this fun, strong, resilient, brave, and magnificent family.



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