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I am so excited to share these engagement photos with you! Kelly is another one of my wonderful Talbots brides (keep ’em coming!) and when I first met her at my house for a consultation, I served her a nice glass of wine, as I always do, so that we could chat. Three hours later we had gone through that bottle and half of another and were pretty much BFFs for the afternoon. Her fiancé Dana is just as awesome. He’s a Marshfield fireman and also goes out lobstering with his dad on his super cool boat, the Daystar, which is where we started our engagement shoot last week.

Kelly and Dana asked if they could bring their dog Neely (duh) and for the first half of the session, I think Neely might have thought it was all about him. He was SO well behaved, but I had to laugh as each time I would ask Kelly and Dana to do something while they were standing on the bow of the boat, Neely would howl and jump up on the side to try to photobomb. It was pretty awesome. Dana’s dad rowed me around the harbor in a skiff so I could shoot from all angles, and Neely would just race around to the side of the boat that I was on and stick his snout in the air. He knew where the camera was 😉

After we left the harbor, we headed down to the beach to catch the end of the evening light and I have to say that this night may have been one of the most perfect photographic environments I have seen in a long while. The sky was like a painting, Kelly and Dana were amazing to work with, and the combination of her dress and the light and the color of the water and the rocks and the gorgeous blue eyes on both Kelly and Dana; it was simply heaven. These two laugh a LOT, so I took advantage and just kept acting like a big goof so that I could really pull all of that authentic happiness out of them. I love that Kelly was totally game for heading into the water at the end of the session, and I think it was a most excellent way to end this stunning evening. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Kelly and Dana, I am so excited to be working with you and I can’t wait for your wedding! xoxox















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There are a great number of wonderful things I could say about this family: How funny Jen is, how cute Emma’s freckles are, how I remember laughing and chatting at the bus stop with Taylor and Bryan when the kids were little, and how one year at their Cinco de Mayo party I stepped backwards off of their patio and fell into a bush. All true. Lately, however, the Thomas family has been known for their incredible resilience in the face of a very difficult year. Last summer, Bryan Thomas suffered a near-fatal aneurysm that left him unable to speak or walk for over a month. I remember seeing how the town rallied around the family, offering support however they could, and when Bryan returned home in early September, it was as if there was this collective sigh of relief; he was alive, he was back in the fold. So much of life has us clinging to the thinnest and frailest of filaments just to get by; this family hangs on to each other and hope and love with sturdy guide ropes and just being around them is a treat. I was so honored when Jen called me and asked me to photograph them all one fall afternoon. I had concerns about Bryan’s mobility, but she assured me that it wasn’t going to be an issue, and boy was she right.

We headed out to World’s End in Hingham with the family dogs and within minutes I let go of any anxiety I had about capturing the connection this family has — they just ooze love and laughter and fun. Emma is such a sweet girl with these GORGEOUS green eyes, and Bryan, despite a slight weakness on one side of his body, was able to keep up with everyone, climbing the hill and walking the trails and just generally being a normal happy kid. Taylor and Jen are so awesome together and I can see why, despite the hit they all took, they are still standing tall. The shoot was wonderful, and I hope the photos below convey how much fun we had, and how awesome this gang is. And it just keeps getting better! (photo below by Kimberly Albanese)


Recently, Bryan has made incredible efforts to give back to the doctors and nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital” He raised almost $30,000 and walked with family and friends from town. I see him out running all the time. I feel lucky to know him. And lucky to know all of them — this fun, strong, resilient, brave, and magnificent family.



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One of the first things Laura wrote to me was that she was not a “typical” bride. Now, I’ve worked with lots and lots of brides and I wouldn’t say that any of them are really typical, but Laura is certainly chill and stress-free and I’m actually lucky I got this gig as they are getting married in July and only recently started to plan! Secretly, I kind of love that. So much less time to stress. We all hit if off immediately and now I just want to hang out with them all the time.

Justin and Laura met on the Cape, so it seemed like the perfect spot to photograph their engagement session. We started with Champagne in the driveway of Laura’s family home, then headed down to Mashnee Island to stroll along the beach, then back to the house for an incredible sunset. During all of that time, I never really had to give much in the way of direction — they both just laugh and love and live within each other and it is such a joy to see that come out through the lens. Justin is a riot. Laura is a riot. My abs hurt from laughing.

Enjoy 🙂


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I am so happy to be blogging this engagement shoot, especially since I’m doing it here on this brand new website! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments and feedback since the launch!

I could not have asked for a nicer couple to start this new chapter with than Kelly and Mike. Kelly is another of my Talbots girls and this past weekend I got together with this awesome pair at the Bradley Estate in Canton for their engagement session. I had never been there before, but I can’t wait to go back! Such beautiful grounds, particularly with the spring blossoms, which were in abundance. At one point we were in a field and a woman passed by us and said “where are the llamas?” Turns out we were in their enclosure. Oops! And the light! It was cloudy when we met up, but halfway through the shoot the sun came through the clouds and washed everything in gold. I may have freaked them out a little with my happy dance at how amazing they looked, but you can see for yourselves that it was a totally magical evening. Mike is a corrections officer, but inside he’s a big softie and his eyes just light up when he looks at Kelly. **Melt** She is crazy photogenic with these stunning golden eyes and I adore photographing her.

We laughed and climbed over fences and rocks and just generally had a good old time. Stay tuned for wedding photos later this year! Kelly and Mike, I am so happy to be working with you and I can’t wait to see you again soon!


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I’m always happy when I meet a girl who is happy with her thighs just as they are. This is Reagan, and boy is she a looker! She is cousins with my very good friends Brody, Keegan, and Tighe (who I have photographed, but not yet blogged). Last week I got to hang out with her and her mom and dad and she was an absolute champ for the camera. Such a good baby! Tighe made a quick appearance with his mom Lindy, and I am so looking forward to showing that photo to them before they go to their respective proms 😉

Enjoy this little nugget!


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Can you believe I am still catching up on blog posts from last year? Hopefully I’ll get them done soon as I do believe spring is arriving soon, which means shooting season is upon us! I am so looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Here is a wonderful family that I got to work with back in the fall. It was FREEZING on the day that we shot these, but everyone was such a good sport and the light was awesome. Meet Sheila and Chris and their beautiful girls Fiona and Amelia!


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Continuing along with my big blog catch-up from the fall, I bring you more autumn sunshine goodness in the form of these two awesome people. Seriously, could Sadie’s hair be any more fabulous for fall? And Dylan is no longer the little guy that used to battle over trains with Calder. He’s a full-on young man. Their mom Kristina likes to have them pose together in affectionate sibling ways, but you can see how Sadie feels about that these days 😉 Instead, we captured some amazing light and very authentic images. I love this gang!

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It’s been fairly quiet here on the blog since just before the holidays; typically I like to blog my sessions shortly after they happen, but once we get into September and October, the backlog starts to grow, and certain late-in-the-year shoots get put on hold until things slow down in January. The benefit of this is that today, this day where they are predicting “life-threatening” wind chill, we can look at some gorgeous photos from warmer, sunnier days with brilliant landscape and lovely people.

I’ve been photographing Patty and her family since the boys were little, but this is the first year that they’ve had a dog; Bode made it very clear from the beginning that the shoot was really all about him, and that the humans were just props. Beautiful props, but still. He managed to appear in over 60% of the images I took that day, whether he was supposed to or not. It’s all good, though, because look at him. He’s a model! And a well-loved member of this amazing family. So, without further ado, I present Bode’s family: Lance, Patty, Will, and Reid. Don’t they all seem lit from within?


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I am sitting here in my office today — the 15th of December — looking out the window at my rosebushes which are BLOOMING. Currently the thermometer says 67 degrees in Cohasset; I’ve spent 39 of the last 48 years as a resident of the Northeast, and this is bonkers warm. And sunny. And AWESOME.

What better weather to write this, my favorite blog post of the year? At the end of each of the past five years (see 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010) I’ve grasped for the words to use to express my gratitude to the people in these photographs. To explain how your support of my business not only feeds my family, but feeds my soul as well. I love going back through my files to choose the images for this annual slideshow; more often than not I get teary and overwhelmed with joy at knowing that I’ve been able to bring these wedding memories and these toddler smiles into your homes. These photos are extraordinary because the people in them are extraordinary — how could something so magical collect the dust of ordinary existence? — and I am truly the happiest photographer in the world today.

If you or someone in your family is a part of this year’s memories, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you’d like to be a part of next year’s, I would be honored to have you! Thank you to my seniors for trusting me with this important milestone, to my couples for allowing me to be a part of your big day, to my fellow photographers who allowed me to share their clients as a second shooter, and to all of the families who allowed me to glimpse the wonders of their world. My very best wishes to all of you for a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season, and may you all feel the warmth of this meteorological gift of sunshine.

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Two of my favorite kids from one of my favorite families: This shoot is always a lot of fun. I actually take lots and lots of photos of Gunnar and Lisel throughout the year — their mother Helena is one of my closest fiends, they are great friends with Calder, and we spend a lot of time at their house near Sandy Cove, climbing the rocks and strolling the beach. I am still holding out for the day when they take me with them on their annual trip to Sweden so that I can photograph them there;) This year, however, we did something a little different, but it doesn’t matter. I could shoot these kids anywhere — the light always seems to find them and wrap them in gold. I love how these came out, and I am so glad Helena jumped in for a few at the end! xoxox


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